Incepta Pharma was established in 2006-07, with a vision to promote an active, safe and healthy lifestyle by providing high quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic and therapeutic products. Since then, this company has rapidly emerged as the premier integrated Marketing Pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan

Its business focuses on the marketing of pharmaceutical products and services to clients all across Pakistan. Its products & services portfolio includes both General and Dermatological products

Incepta Pharma is considered to be one of the prime marketing companies when it comes to the field of Dermatology and has developed an unwavering confidence of prescribers across Pakistan

In 2011 we introduced our Cosmetology division which is known as CUTIS. Under the banner of CUTIS Cosmeceutical we launched various successful products including shampoos, sun-block, face wash, moisturizing soaps, baby moisturizing lotions and cleansing liquids for kids’ utensils. Most popular products in this division include BIOLYN, PURIN, TEGMEN and HALUS

After establishing a solid customer base in Pakistan, Incepta Pharma decided to move into the Nutraceutical segment. In November 2016, Incepta Pharma (Health Care Division) received it’s enlistment from DRAP and production commenced in the month of February 2017

Incepta’s state of the art manufacturing facility has six sections that include Tablet, Oral Syrup/Drops, Medicated Semisolids (Cream/ Ointment, Lotions & Shampoo), Sachet/Powder, Capsule and Topical Liquids. All sections are currently operational under the supervision of highly trained professionals. Sections can operate day and night depending on the production schedule and delivery deadlines

All Sections are supervised strictly by the Quality Control Department. Quality Control is the focal point of our success. Incepta, from the first day of its operation, is committed to deliver high quality products and will continue to do so. To ensure that quality is maintained throughout the production line, constant checks are performed to guarantee that all SOPs relating to quality control are being followed at all times

“At Incepta, we strive to provide high quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic and therapeutic products to ensure that you stay active, healthy and efficient throughout your incredible lives. As a part of Team Incepta, I personally welcome you all to become a part of an extraordinary journey, so that together we can deliver the PROMISE OF HEALTH for everyone!!”

- A Message From CEO


We firmly believe in


We want to build a tradition of ethical behaviour based on principles of honesty, integrity and trust-worthiness


Encouragement to exercise creativity and leadership; giving opportunities for every individual to develop his/her full potential


Constant enhancement of the quality plus added value of our products and services through ongoing cost effective innovation


Fostering a culture that encourages delegation, risk taking, speed of response, accountability and partnership in order to adapt effectively to an uncertain and rapidly changing world.


Developing a learning organization by building teamwork with open communication across our organization, sharing knowledge, technologies and best practices